5 Ways To Use Your Turkish Towel

Turkish Towels are SO incredibly versatile.  Bath. Beach. Picnic Blanket. Meditation Shawl. Fabulous Decor item .... who knew!  Read on for more.

1. For the Bath. Right, of course!  On the larger side, these towels are the perfect wrap around after the shower, bath or even pool.  Lightweight yet incredibly absorbent. Tie a knot in the front and wear as a wrap.

2. Beach or Picnic Blanket.  These towels easily repel sand or grass making them perfect for the beach or park not to mention so soft to sit or lay down on.

3. Throw Blanket.  On a cool summer's night, wrap yourself in this little piece of luxury by the fire.  Or use inside as fabulous decor item draped over your sofa or better yet... you!

4. Meditation Shawl.  Did you know when you meditate it's best to keep warm and regulate your body temperature?   Wear as a wrap and ohm ....

5. Yoga Mat. Yoga outdoors anyone??  Simply lay the towel down and let the Sun Salutations begin.

Beautifully hand-loomed by talented Turkish artisans, the Oversized Turkish Towel is incredibly versatile. The unique weave dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial so it will never have that damp towel smell. You will enjoy feeling cozy and dry faster, along with the ability to change the towel’s function as you go about your day. These towels are incredibly absorbent yet lightweight, allowing them to be folded up quite compact and easy to pack into your purse or travel bag. It repels sand and grass so just give it a shake and you won’t be bringing the beach home with you. The more you wash this towel, the softer and more absorbent it will become.

Do yourself a favour and wrap yourself in this luxury.  

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