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"Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause."

Self-care is having its moment isn't it?  Never has there been a more important time in our lives where we truly do need to focus on ourselves and nurture our own mental and physical wellbeing. But I bet the thought of adding self-care into your day is exhausting yet it doesn't have to be much, it really doesn't. There are so many ways we can quiet the noise and find your calm that can be quick yet effective, and offer ourselves the opportunity to just BE and breathe.

How often do you Google "self-care" or come across images on Instagram with ways to create more self-care rituals? With all the tools and information available to us, do you get lost perhaps overwhelmed and confused about what you should be doing or not?  

Consider a 1:1 with me. I've spent the greater part of the last 8 years navigating through it all and can guide you to the resources to help restore, refresh, and rejuvenate your MIND, BODY and SOUL. We can take steps to banish the negative energy around you and boost it with positive vibes.

Examples of a 1:1 consultation includes:

  • Ways to restore your positive energy flow
  • How to incorporate self-care into your everyday life
  • Signs from the universe like, what does 1:11 even mean or why am I seeing dimes everywhere?
  • How you can tap into your own intuition

If this sounds good to you, I'd love to connect x

You can book your 45 Minute Session here - $60 (via Zoom or phone call)

*A little bit about me. I am passionate about healing ourselves and I know it's possible because I've been there and done that. Life isn't always going to be blue skies and sunny days and that's ok.  It's our reaction to it that we can control and it's within us to get to the right side of town. I am certified in energy healing, working with angels, and feng shui basics with the importance of decluttering your life. I will send you a list of questions to gain a good understanding of where you'd like the session to focus and together we navigate how to bring more harmony and balance into your life.*