Caring For Your Gemstones & Tuning In

Gemstones ATTRACT, STORE and TRANSFER energy, our energy AND those of others so they'll need to be cleared often.  It doesn't take much don't worry  ...  just a little TLC.  It's important to do this clearing when you first receive your gemstone to purify it back to its healing property and THEN AGAIN when you intuitively know it's ready for a recharge.

1) SOAK. Soak your gemstone in the sunlight or in a moonlight bath for 24 hours.  Simply leave it on a window sill or outdoors.

2) SMUDGE. Using your sage or palo santo stick, light one end and gently blow out the embers. Hold your gemstone over the smoke. 

3) SEASALT BATH. Soak your gemstones in a 1/2 teaspoon sea salt and filtered (preferably alkalinized) water in a bowl.  Let it sit for overnight.

4) SOUND.  Using tingsha bells or a singing bowl, place your gemstone close by and strike your sound.


While using any of the above you must use this time to SET YOUR INTENTIONS!  They're not just pretty pieces of jewelry....these stones help balance and restore your energy with their unique healing properties. 

Connect.  Take several deep breaths, tune in and set your intentions.