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LOHN Mini Trio Candles

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I've chosen my top 3 bestsellers and personal favourites from the LOHN Amber, Tea, and Spice Road collections and put them together with a matchbook in a beautifully designed box.

This trio is perfect for trying new scents or gifting to someone special.

FEU - Cardamom + Coconut

Smells like morning outside the village bakery. Spicy cardamom pairs with cozy vanilla to create a coconut-like creaminess. Hints of tobacco add a fireside warmth, supported by toasty amber.

VARA - Geranium + Tobacco

Smells like a bustling bazaar overflowing with scents and sounds, where fragrant mountains of spice rise beside draping garlands of brilliant blooms. An earthy floral blend where geranium’s sunny brightness meets tobacco’s smoky mystery. Notes of cedarwood and pink pepper are lifted by mandarin’s citrus, while patchouli adds a grounded earthiness.

ZIMA - Bergamot + Black Tea

Smells like the first snowfall in the mountains. Brings to mind cozying up with a cup of spicy black tea on a winter’s night. This warming blend begins with citrusy bergamot, softened with aromatic black tea, with an added spiciness from clove. A kick of spicy black pepper to finish, sweetened with soft vanilla.

3 x 3 oz, 20-hour burn per candle