Rose Quartz Heart - Large

Rose Quartz Heart - Large

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Tuck this little love gem in your pocket or bra for an extra dose of love. Add this rose quartz heart (1 inch) to your order to help amplify love and self-nurturing qualities. This high vibrational stone will act as a reminder to return to love.

If you're drawn to rose quartz it could mean you're looking to attract more love into your life.  Rose quartz speaks directly to your heart with its' strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.

Ways to use include:

- Holding it in your hand while meditating, or needing a quick time-out.

- Leave it by your bedside table but first set the intention of finding true love and a healthy respectful relationship.  Also, set a clear intention to treat yourself with the upmost care and compassion.

- Place it in your pocket and carry it throughout the day.

*Sold as 1 piece*

Measures 1 inches

*NOTE because each stone is handpicked, they may have some variations from the image seen*