Ultimate Self-Care Basket

Ultimate Self-Care Kit

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Each of the items in this kit can be used individually AND collectively promoting an ultimate self-care experience.   

Your Ultimate Self-Care Kit includes:

    • Bathorium Bubble Bath Elixir
    • Blue Lavender Blume Blend
    • Lovefresh Body Butter
    • Calm Candle (candle may be substituted for another if out of stock)
    • Tumeric and Honey Facial Mask
    • Palo Santo Stick
    • Settle Down Misting Spray
    • Self-Care Journal
    • Small White Marble Heart

Total Value - $150

Suggested Ultimate - Self-Care Kit Ritual

Begin first by drawing your bath. A warm bath, not too hot and place 2-3 teaspoons of the Elixir into the running water. While the bathtub fills make your Blume Blend, and light your candle. Keep your journal close, find spa music to play, listen to a guided meditation or a soulful artist like Snatam Kaur or Dan Gibson's Solitudes. Wash your face and put on your mask. 

Start by lighting the palo santo stick with your candle.  Carefully blow out the fire catching the embers with a bowl.  Cup the smoke in your hands and wash over your head, your eyes, your throat, and your heart.  Set the intentions to remove all the negative energy from the day and replace it with love, light, and peace.  Next connect with your breath by placing your hands on your stomach and feel your stomach rising as you inhale deeply, hold your breath, then exhaling as you release all of the air from your lungs. Practice this a few times until you notice yourself starting to relax. 

After your stillness, you will feel a sense of peace, calm, relaxation.

Enjoy. Stay here for a while and when finished, lather your body with the Lovefresh Body Butter, then spray the Settle Down Spray around you and on your pillowtop.  When done, open up your journal. Start writing anything that comes to mind. Don’t worry about the words or the flow. Just keep pen to paper and write. What are you grateful for? What are your heartfelt dreams? What do you want to release from the day? Were there any lessons learned?  When finished settle down for a peaceful night's sleep.

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