Warmth FALL Dough Bowl Candle WHITE
Warmth FALL Dough Bowl Candle WHITE

Warmth Dough Bowl Candle

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WARMTH Dough Bowl 3 WICK Candle

WARMTH is a soft smooth scent of vanilla blended with a spoonful of brown sugar. 
This dough bowl is made from a soft wood and contains 3 wicks. 
Colour : White Wood
Size 10" L x 6” w x 3" tall ( this is considered our SMALL size)
Important notes: Each dough bowl is unique as it is hand-carved. This means they are ALL different and come in different sizes.  When burning the candle the oils in the wax will set into the soft wood bowls as they are not coated. We try our very best to be sure that they are no leaks but if one does occur you can plug the hole using wood filler or a piece of tape. We recommend if this happens to burn your candle on top of a piece of newspaper.  All wicks have to be lit at once and burn for no more then 3-4 hours at a time.  First burn until the wax is wet across the entire top may take 4 hours.

These white dough bowl candles are the perfect addition to any home decor.  Available in 3 fall scents: It's Fall Y'All, Pumpkin Spice, and Warmth.

Once these candles burn, you can refill as another candle OR dough bowls are ideal for home decoration. If it's winter, you can fill it with pinecones, moss, ornaments, antlers, and greenery.  If it's fall how about pumpkins, pinecones, leaves, greenery, acorns and nuts, and branches. They can be even be used for snacks, keys  ... totally up to you!

What exactly is a dough bowl anyways??

A dough bowl, or sometimes called a trencher, is a wooden vessel used to mix bread dough. Dating back to colonial times, these bowls were found in every home and were carved from a large piece of wood.⁣

How to clean your dough bowl

Once you are finished burning your candle use a paper towel to wipe out the existing wax residue. The wick tabs will pop out with the help of a spoon then use warm water and soap to give your dough bowl a final wipeout. ⁣

Perfect as a gift too!


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